GCSE Exams

GCSE Exam Dates: 13th May 2019 – 26th June 2019

Please note that all candidates must remain available for the whole exam season until and including Wednesday 26th June 2019 in case an awarding body needs to invoke its contingency plan.

» View Summer 2019 GCSE summary timetable

Please note, these are only summary timetables.
All students will need to read their own individual timetables, when they receive them, for room and seating details. Individual timetables will indicate whether students have exam clashes. All queries should be addressed to Mrs Barlow.

Uncollected Certificates for exams taken at Chenderit

We still hold a large number of uncollected certificates from previous years. We only need to hold certificates for 12 months, however we currently hold at least 4 years’ worth of certificates. Any older than this have now been destroyed. Should you require a certificate then please go to the relevant awarding body website and look for the Replacement Certificate link. Each awarding body charges for a certificate and all details can be found on their sites.

If you wish to collect a certificate from school then please contact Nicola Barlow nbarlow@chenderit.northants.sch.uk.