Art Department

Chenderit School has a long and proud history of success with the visual arts, and as a result, the school holds both Artsmark Silver and Specialist Status in The Visual Arts.

We are passionate about art, and do our best to ensure that every child can become the artist that they are capable of being, that every child has the opportunities available to them to allow them to reach their potential.

We offer a broad spectrum of approaches and disciplines, all underpinned by belief in the importance of traditional observational skills. We encourage students to explore and be inspired by the work of artists and designers from a variety of times and cultures and celebrate how each individual can find their own creative solution.

Art at Chenderit School can be the start of a lifelong journey of discovery and we hope that students continue with their passions well into their adult lives. Art is a low floor, and a high ceiling, where each child can find the magical something that helps them make sense of the world around them and where they are able to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas in new and unexpected ways.

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