Summer camp


As student excitement builds about next week’s summer camp, Mrs Hoose would like to take this opportunity to convey some important messages:

- Students will need to be able to carry or trundle their own luggage for approx. 300 meters - there is no one else there to help them!

- Students need to pack sun block and a hat as well as waterproofs - the forecast is looking mixed.

- Students will need to take a packed lunch and drink for the first day. They will then re-use their box and drinks container every day to put their lunch in.

- Students need to take a mug.

- Spare plastic carrier bags are also a good idea - they are useful to put wet clothes in (for example, after rafting).

- In line with school policy, there will be zero tolerance of phones but please feel free to bring a separate, proper camera.

- Students should ensure they have plenty of changes of boots, shoes, trainers etc and they will need a water proof: this is England! However, do not go out to buy a good quality one as the centre provides them if needed.

- Medication is to be handed to Mr Williamson or Mrs Hoose ( no one else) on the Monday morning. Please place it in a bag with the student’s name on it and please include written instructions. We do not need to collect inhalers but please ensure your child knows to keep it with them at all times.

- Bags are to be taken to the covered canteen area next Monday morning, as they arrive in school. Students are then to go to be registered in tutor groups, as usual. Bags will be collected from the covered canteen area and put on the coach, tutor group by tutor group.

- The emergency mobile number has already been communicated to you in the last information letter. However wherever possible please communicate through the school.

We wish Y7 an enjoyable week on camp.

Jane Cartwright

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