Chenderit School celebrates its 40th anniversary!


This week 40 years ago, Chenderit School welcomed students for the very first time. It feels strange to think that on fields which, it is said, were formerly used for archery practice ‘Chenderit’ (an adaptation of a medieval name for Middleton Cheney) now sits. In September 1979, there were fewer than 200 students (we now have approximately 1100), about twenty classrooms (we now have approximately 70) and twenty teachers (we now have approximately 100). Over the years, the school has grown and developed, and each new Headteacher has brought with them their own insights and ideas, but we have all been united in our determination to make the school as good a place as it can be. It seems to me that the school’s ethos has remained constant over the past 40 years: "Aim high”.

There will be many activities to celebrate our 40thanniversary this year. One of these activities is an exhibition entitled Forty Years On:  A Celebration of Chenderit Art and Design Alumni 1979-2019, supported by the Friends of the Heseltine Gallery. Exhibits will be the current work in all media by former Chenderit students.  The exhibition will be open from Monday 9th September and until Friday 18thOctober. There will be an alumni and community event on Saturday 14 September, between 12pm and 3pm but otherwise, our opening times will be as follows:

-Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm
-Saturday 14 September and Sunday 15 September, 11am to 3pm
-Saturday 21 September and Sunday 22 September, 11am to 3pm

We do hope you will visit our Heseltine Gallery for this event.

Jane Cartwright

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