Keep In Touch


Since 20th March, we have been sending home a weekly bulletin to parents and carers.

 Initially, the purpose of our publication, ‘Keep In Touch’ (KIT), was to celebrate our students’ achievements of the past week and to motivate our students during the period that they were to be working from home. We published lots of good news stories along with examples of students’ work, photographs of students working hard at home, their drawings, poems, and, in fact, anything that we thought might inspire others during those initial testing times.

 KIT was so well received during the spring and summer terms that we decided we should keep its weekly format for this school year, rather than revert to a bumper edition that used to be sent out three time each year. KIT is sent home each Friday via email and we hope you enjoy reading about what we are doing in school.  If you have missed any back editions, you can find them at:

 I wonder how many parents and carers have memory boxes to hand to their children in future years and whether the editions that mention your children or show case their work are being kept for posterity!

Jane Cartwright

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