Although our Year 11 and Y13 students won’t return to us full time after half term, we have many opportunities planned for them which we hope they will enjoy.

On Monday 24th May, Y11 students received a transition workbook. Within the workbook there are a series of different activities that will enable students to develop skills and knowledge that will benefit them in the Sixth Form or in other post-16 progression routes such as at college or in an apprenticeship. To support students, weekly virtual workshops will be available for students to watch via the Google Drive. The dates that each workshop will be available for students to watch are:

Monday 24th May: Academic reading and effective note taking
Monday 31st May: Time management
Monday 7th June: Critical thinking
Monday 14th June: Essay writing

Following these activities, we are planning to hold our Sixth Form transition day in person on Tuesday 22nd June. We are currently finalising the details for this and we will be sending more information out over coming next weeks. Our Flying Start packs will also be ready for students to complete. We hope our students enjoy developing the essential knowledge and skills that are needed for success in the Sixth Form.

In order to support our Year 13 students with their next steps, we are running workshops on Thursday 10th June to prepare them for moving away from home. These will focus on fiscal responsibility and also healthy eating, with the opportunity for students to learn and cook some quick and easy recipes with Mrs Rowe. Students will need to register their intention to attend.

The past year has been unprecedented and challenging for us all in many different ways, and our Year 11 and 13 students have certainly had a very different experience of their final term in school than we had intended and they had expected. Despite this, we are very proud of how our students have shown remarkable resilience, adaptability and dedication in the face of such challenges. Enjoy the weeks ahead and please know, Y11 and Y13, that you will be missed.

Jane Cartwright

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