In September, the Guardian published an article entitled "Behaviour adviser urges English schools to crack down on pupils’ vaping” 

Tom Bennett, the government’s school behaviour adviser, was urging headteachers to crack down on vaping among pupils, adding that vaping was now as big an issue in schools as cigarettes once were, with children becoming "addicted to the practice and the chemicals involved”.

At Chenderit School, we have become aware that a small number of students in our community are being lured into using vapes, and, in some cases, dealing them in return for free ones.

As a result, Mr Macrory (Head of Learning Y8), has recorded a presentation that provides information to parents and carers about vaping:  The presentation tackles:

1. What the national picture is regarding vaping
2. What vaping is
3. What vapes look like
4. Why young people are vaping
5. The risks of vaping, including the longer term risks
6. What the school is doing about this
7. What the school’s sanctions are regarding vaping
8. Advice for parents and carers, including some useful resources and contact details

According to another new report (https://digital.nhs.uk/news/2022/decrease-in-smoking-and-drug-use-among-school -children-but-increase-in-vaping-new-report-shows) there has been a decrease in smoking and drug use among school children since 2018, however, there has been an increase in vaping. Please help us to reverse this trend at Chenderit…

Jane Cartwright

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