This week we celebrate a new group of Ambassador Students who have been appointed in Year 12.

All ambassadors have undergone a formal selection process and their new roles are highlighted in the newsletter.

Click here to view the newsletter.

Ambassadors – what will your first 100 days plan look like? What will you do that will make a difference and have lasting impact on our school?

We are looking forward to working with these dedicated students over the coming year and to seeing what each ambassador will achieve during their tenure. Many former students have left a clear legacy to our school - what will yours be?

We thank all current Y13 ambassadors for their hard work and commitment to their roles over the past 12 months. To those who have been the ‘face of Chenderit’ such as through our prestigious open evenings or through their guided tours for visitors to our school, we commend and thank you. We couldn’t have done our jobs so well without you.

Jane Cartwright

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