World Book Day and Reading for Pleasure


Why read for pleasure?

Like anything else, reading is a skill that becomes better with practice. Reading for pleasure is critical for ensuring that the practice needed to become fluent becomes part of the learner’s everyday life, and is not just seen as a classroom-based activity.

There are a range of benefits gained from reading for pleasure:

• It increases a sense of achievement, confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.
• It widens horizons.
• You can do it anywhere.
• It prevents boredom and promotes relaxation.
• It develops relationships and promotes inclusion and empathy through sharing opinions and ideas.

Here at Chenderit, we encourage reading for pleasure as well as for learning, and as such we will be carrying out many activities and competitions on the upcoming World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March 2017:

• Charity Dress Day – Come dressed as your favourite Roald Dahl character
• Guess the staff reading competition - £10 Waterstones Gift Card prize for the winner.
• Caught Reading! – Staff will write down the names of students they catch reading during break and lunch times. Names will be drawn out and a £5 Waterstones Gift Card will be awarded each to the first male and female student picked.
• Reading aloud in the Library at lunch time – Several staff have volunteered to read poetry and short stories aloud to students.
• Most subject departments will be carrying out WBD based activities at some point during the day with students.
• Stop, Drop & Read – An extra bell will go off 15 minutes before the end of P4 and this signifies that everyone in Years 7-10 can Stop what they are doing, Drop everything & Read for 15 minutes. This has been a huge success over the past 2 years!
• Finally, there will be voting slips for students to say who they think is the best dressed up member of staff – the winner of which will be presented with a certificate!

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