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Chenderit School GCSE results 2017

24 Aug 2017

Staff and governors of Chenderit School are delighted to report this year’s GCSE results.  With so many changes to examinations and the ways they are graded and reported it is very hard to make comparisons with previous years, but we are very pleased to see a further increase in the proportions of students who have achieved what is being described as standard and strong GCSE passes in English, maths and science in particular.    

The new maths and English GCSE exams are far more demanding than previous specifications, and we are delighted that we have a number of students who have achieved the new top grade 9 in maths, English and English literature.  Overall 66% of all students achieved a standard grade or above in both English and Maths.

"I am so pleased for Chenderit’s GCSE level students who, once again, have achieved excellent results with the support of talented and dedicated staff and encouragement from their families.  Our students have risen to the challenge of new, more demanding specifications, and many of them have exceeded their expectations,” said Jane Cartwright, Headteacher. 

There are many outstanding individual performances to be celebrated:

the following students achieved six or more of the highest grades (A* or A grades, or grades 9, 8 or 7 in English and maths):

Hannah Budd, Jessica Darke, Lewis Dear, Katie Files, Hazel Fisher, Asher Gibson, Jacob Gill, Charlotte Grant,  Jonty Jay, Caleb Kirkpatrick, Rosie Pinder, Savanna Powell, Lucy Rollinson-Payne, Katie Smallwood, Emillie Smith, Emily Smith, Ilana Tapper, Dylan Taylor, Mathilda Vere, Elliott Warner-Drew, Sarah Waters and Annabel Wright.

Hannah Budd: "I’m surprised and happy that all my hard work has paid off”

Jacob Gill: "I am glad my hard work has paid off. My results now mean I have as many opportunities as possible going forward.”

Rosie Pinder: "I am happy I have done so well, especially in the subjects I want to pursue at A level.”

Elliott Warner-Drew: "I am pretty happy with my results – they have gone really well for me. I shall now be studying for my A levels at Chenderit”

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