On Thursday 15th March we ran one of our four Extended Project Days - our timetable was "collapsed” and instead we offered a range of broad, integrated, and in some cases, cross-curricular activities. At key stage 3. Year 7 students were able to visit Whipsnade zoo and Y8 students worked on the BBC School Report, which gives young people across the UK the chance to make their own news reports and hone their journalistic skills to become school reporters for a real audience.

At key stage 4, Y9 undertook a range of activities, including tech based work and an exploration of parts of Middleton Cheney in order to look at rock types and soil. Y10 have focused on the physical, social and emotional benefits of sport and exercise, equality and careers, as well as other topics and Y11 students have encountered a range of maths activities, all of which will help them to prepare for their forth-coming GCSE exams.

Our sixth form students have been acting as leaders to other year groups, working within their own subject areas, or undertaking further study in preparation for their exams.

"It’s really fun and interesting to do things such as learning about the media,” said Hannah (Y8)

Jane Cartwright

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