Year 7 Residential

We are delighted to inform you that Year 7 students have arrived safely at Camp are now engaged in their programme of activities.

Extreme weather conditions

On the whole, we have seen students cope really well with the unusually hot weather which is due to continue for the duration of this week and potentially into next week. As a reminder, please ensure students are prepared as follows:

Water – please ensure students come to school with a bottle of water and that they understand they should remain hydrated by taking small, regular sips of water. Bottles should be refilled at break and lunchtimes only;

Sun protection and hats – students should apply sun cream prior to coming to school and bring an appropriate hat to wear outside of the school building at break and lunchtime;

Hay fever sufferers  - sun glasses can be brought to school to help guard against high pollen levels when outside;

School sweatshirts – some students continue to wear their school sweatshirts even on very hot days. Our recommendation is to wear only the white school polo shirt. With our current temperatures, students do not need to bring their sweatshirt to school;

"Be nice” – some people struggle to cope with the heat and become irritable or bad tempered. Students should be reminded that whilst some enjoy such periods of warmth, others loathe it and find it difficult to cope with. Being nice, remaining calm and considerate will help us all.

Thank you for your support.

Jane Cartwright

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