Summer Project and Competition


This summer, as previously, our summer project is designed to make the world a better place however, our five challenges have changed. This year we are asking students, including current Y6 pupils (and even families!) to:

- Do something to improve your health and well-being
- Do something creative
- Do something that will benefit your family or friends
- Write a letter to someone who has inspired you
- Do something that will benefit your community

We hope that students will be particularly keen to take part in the second challenge, which can form part of our fundraising project: ‘The Chenderit School Calendar Competition’. We would love to see pupils get creative and enter paintings, drawings, or maybe photos of landscapes or architecture. If their creation is a model or textile design, a photo of their creation can be submitted. The competition is open to all pupils and entries should be submitted by 10th September to The Finance Office. Our judging panel are excited to see the entries, choose the winning designs and award prizes to the winners. Prizes include Amazon vouchers of various denominations and the calendar will be available for sale before Christmas. If you are interested in advertising your local business in the calendar, please contact Mrs B. Wilkinson ( in the finance office.

As with our previous summer projects, we hope that this will encourage students to take an active role in reaching their potential. Students are encouraged to "Aim High, Work Hard and Be Nice” and we hope that by responding to each of these challenges, students will become more considerate, more focussed, more generous and more understanding. Like anything in life, the more students make of this opportunity, the greater their reward will be, so we look forward to discovering what each student will choose to do in response. Please encourage your children to get creative and use their imagination to do something amazing this summer!

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