Get involved: making the world a better place

Over the summer holiday, your mission is to complete a selection of the thirty challenges listed here. Try to select challenges that won’t be too easy for you to complete: the ones that you think are harder are more likely to be more rewarding. Challenge yourself, "aim high.” You don’t have to complete all the challenges listed over the summer, but give as many challenges as you can a try. Each and every student could easily complete six of these challenges over the summer, but there is nothing to stop anyone completing considerably more than that. The more challenges that you complete before September, the better.

o   Walk a journey that you would usually take by car.

o   Spend a day creating something.

o   Talk to an older relative about your family history.

o   Grow something you can eat. Share the harvest.

o   Get up early and watch the sunrise.

o   Do something nice for someone you don’t know.

o   Sort out what you don’t need and give it to charity.

o   Tell someone how much they mean to you. Make them a gift.

o   Have a conversation in a foreign language.

o   Research a charity and organise a fundraising event.

o   Hand write a letter to someone special and post it.

o   Read a book by an author you’ve not heard of.

o   Help out an elderly neighbour.

o   Do a household chore without being asked.

o   Try going vegetarian for a week (or if you are vegetarian, try going vegan).

o   Write a list of the things you wish to accomplish in the next twelve months.

o   Bake a cake for someone.

o   Walk, run or cycle further than you ever have before.

o   Learn a new sport.

o   Pick up someone else’s litter.

o   Volunteer.

o   Write a thank you letter to someone who has inspired you.

o   Write to your MP about an issue that you think is important.

o   Switch off your online presence and avoid all social media for one week.

o   Visit a museum, gallery or exhibition.

o   Learn how to cook your favourite meal. Invite someone to share it with you.

o   Talk to an older relative about when they were young.

o   Learn a magic trick.

o   Read a book and then pass it on to someone who you think might enjoy it.

o   Learn to play a song you love on a musical instrument.

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