Chenderit school is committed to achieving the highest possible standards in promoting the welfare and safety of children in our care.

Clear policies and procedures are supported by a commitment to deliver high quality Safeguarding training to all staff working in our school on an ongoing basis. Robust monitoring processes ensure that policy is appropriately applied, and that practice is regularly evaluated.

We strive to maintain a transparent and open culture where everyone feels safe and able to share concerns relating to Safeguarding and are always listened to and taken seriously.

We work to enable students to develop their understanding of keeping safe through comprehensive pastoral and PHSE programmes.


Chenderit School has a robust structure for managing Safeguarding; it has a strong voice in our school and we have a Designated Lead Safeguarding Officer Mr Roddy Lloyd Jones and other Safeguarding Staff Mrs Jan Hooper and Mrs Allison Smith who are responsible for promoting good practice. However, we firmly believe that Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. Should you have any concerns regarding Safeguarding, please contact Mrs Jan Hooper 01295 711567 ext 263 ( or Mr Roddy Lloyd-Jones 01295 711567 ext 242 ( or Mrs Allison Smith 01295 711567 ext 218 (  in the first instance.

We have a multi-disciplinary approach to achieving positive outcomes for our students and we are in regular contact with all key agencies involved in promoting the welfare and safety of children.

Recruitment procedures comply with the requirements set out in the DfE Guidance 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' (Sept 2018).

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