Tutor Time Curriculum - Sixth Form

Tutor time is a well-structured and organised period of time that is part of the whole school Personal Development curriculum. As a student, you will use this lesson on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings to not only develop key transferrable skills, but also be taught about key issues that are a crucial part of the 16-19 study programme, helping you to become a well-rounded, tolerant and resilient individual who is fully prepared for life in modern Britain. At the start of every academic year, each student will receive a student handbook which will outline the content of tutor time for the year, so you are aware of the purpose and importance of each session. Your tutor will work closely with you to ensure you develop an awareness of fiscal responsibility, an understanding of managing your wellbeing and a clear grasp of the strategies you need to manage the stresses of modern life effectively. These are just a few of the topics that you will cover within the tutor programme at Sixth Form and your tutor will guide you through these throughout your time with us. Please see the outline of the Personal Development curriculum for Year 12 and Year 13 here.

Sixth Form Tutor Team

Year 12

TG Tutor Room
12A Mrs Jackson-Pate (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday)
Mrs Haywood (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)
12B Mr Christy 19
12C Mr Dahal 85
12D Mrs Lester (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday)
Dr Haycock (Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday)
12E Mr Deakin 70

Year 13

TG Tutor Room
13A Miss Reed (Monday/Wednesday)
Mrs Taylor (Tuesday/Thursday) Mrs Butler (Friday)
13B Mrs Brunt (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)
Mrs McMahon (Thursday/Friday)
13C Mrs Marriott (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)
Miss Davis (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)
13D Mrs Smith 59
13E Mrs Young (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday)
Mrs King (Tuesday /Friday)